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Palmetto Honey, Summer 2016 Batch is In

July 10th, 2016

Summer 2016 Palmetto Honey crop is in and boy is it good.  Stop by Florahome to sample and buy the honey that was the original taste of Florida…


saw palmetto honeySaw palmetto honey is a bi-product from the production of saw palmetto berries that is coveted for its extract containing from 85% to 98% fatty acids and sterols and used as an herbal support for prostate enlargement worldwide. The saw palmetto plant, (Serenoa repens), is a miniature palm with a lazy trunk and stems that sport an array of opposing saw teeth from the truck to the fronds (leaves). The small palm trunk may be 3 or 4 feet long and laying flat on the ground with the palm head turned upright and the palm fronds rising four to five feet in the air.

*** Fresh Spinach *** +++Fresh Produce+++

October 16th, 2015

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We have added a produce cooler, but this is where we need your help as a local community,  Our produce prices are competitive with anyone.  For example, our vine-ripened sandwich size tomatoes are $1.50 per pound.  Most grocery stores are sitting at $1.99 for a similar product.  We need YOU to buy from us if you want to have a convenient local supply of produce!

Florahome Station Whiskey BBQ Sauce- Excellent on Hot Wings- RECIPE

August 24th, 2015

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I had used my recipe lots of times on BBQ, but I finally decided to try it on Hot Wings…  let’s say, YUMMMMMMM!

Just thaw your favorite chicken wings and marinate them in your favorite hot sauce.  Deep fry in a cast iron pan.  When done, remove from pan and place in a pot on low. Add enough butter to cover the chicken.  Add enough Florahome Station Whiskey BBQ sauce to generously cover the wings (remember some will soak in).  Keep stirring until all the butter is melted and the BBQ sauce is warm.


Florahome Station

Antiques, Vintage, Gourmet Foods and Unique Items